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Yield Monitor Calibration and Service

Do you want to avoid any potential yield monitor problems during harvest? If so, you
should enroll in our Yield Monitor Calibration Service. We will take your combine
through a pre-harvest checklist that will test all the major components of your
yield monitor to make sure they are in working order before harvest. We will also
come out and calibrate your yield monitor for two different crops and provide up to three
hours of service calls.

Pre-Harvest Setup

The pre-harvest setup will check to make sure that all of your sensors are functional
and your monitor is clear for a new harvest season.

I. Monitor and Card Maintenance
   a. Clearing Data From Card
   b. Clearing Loads
   c. Change/Create Field Names

II. Combine Maintenance (for each grain type)
   a. Set Swath Width
   b. Stop Height Calibration
   c. Vibration Calibration
   d. Temperature Calibration
   e. Distance Calibration

Harvest Calibration

Calibrating at harvest time is the most important part of the yield monitor itself.

I. Moisture Calibration (for each grain type)

II. Yield Calibration (for each grain type)

Save yourself the headache during harvest by having your yield monitor checked out
before the season starts, and have it calibrated for accurate and consistent data
during the yield monitor season.