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Short-Term Crop Removal

“Spread all of your P, K, S, & Zn needs in one variable rate application based off of 1
or 2 years of Yield Data from your Yield Monitor."

The Short-Term Crop Removal Program has been created for producers that are on a
year-to-year lease with their tenants. Our primary objective with this program is to
provide solid plant food recommendations based on past yield removals from yield
monitors. Field boundaries will need to be run for your fields so you can have an
accurate acre count and we can sort and clean your yield data. Yield data will be
cleaned and sorted based off of GPS collected field boundaries. Crop removal goals
can be created for one or two years of yield data depending on your fertilizing strategy. 

1. Receive GPS-collected field boundaries with an accurate acre count and field
2. Accurate yield and moisture maps of your field with min., max, and average yield.
3. Soil Type maps and their productivity based on the NRCS yield goals.
4. Crop Removal recommendations based on one or two years of yield data for P, K, S,
    & Zn in one variable rate application.