Are you ready for a complete nutrient and yield management program?

MFA’s Nutri-Track program is designed to manage, maintain and track your fertility levels across your operation by combining GPS-based soil testing and yield monitoring. We provide a complete nutrient management plan for your fields through intensive soil sampling, accurate recommendation and diligent record keeping to ensure a sound agronomic program.

Each VRA recommendation is created based on crop rotation, tillage practice, soil characteristics and crop removal data from your yield monitor. Our dynamically designed database provides nutrient management tracking and yield trend analysis for your operation.To ensure the most accurate crop removal recommendations, we include two yield monitor calibrations per year. Plus, you will receive yield, moisture and soil type maps with summaries every year for each of your fields.

Contact your nearby MFA Precision Ag dealer for more details.

NEW NUTRI TRACK FEATURE - MFA Precision is proud to announce a new service called Nutri -Track web portal. It’s a website that allows you to access all your precision ag data organized in one place. From harvest and variable planting maps to nutrient management plans, your data can be at your fingertips and as close as your mobile tablet or desktop computer. Contact your local MFA Precision expert or MFA Affiliate to learn more.


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