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Long-term Crop Removal

“Variable rate your fertilizer based on 2 variables: Soil Test Results and Multiple
Years of Yield.”

The Long-term Crop Removal Program has been created for producers that will farm
the land for four years or more. These producers will need established management
zones based on yield variability from four years of yield or EC data. After the first four
years, the fields will be retested using the management zones and past fertility layers
to determine a more accurate soil-sampling scheme. The results that come back from
the lab will be joined with the management zone yield goals to provide the soundest
agronomic plant food recommendation possible… Variable rate fertilizer based on two
variables: Soil Test Results and Multiple Years of varying yield goals.

1. Establish management zones with productivity levels for variable rate seeding, and
    nitrogen applications.
2. Setup a new soil sampling scheme based on past fertility zones and yield data.
3. Accurate yield and moisture maps of your field with min., max, and average yield.
4. Soil Type maps and their productivity based on the NRCS yield goals.

Crop Removal recommendations based on one or two years of yield data for P, K, S,
& Zn in one variable rate application.