Intensive Soil Sampling

With Intensive Soil Sampling, you will receive a Precision Advantage
binder with the following: 

  1. The client and farm locator with aerial photos of your farm and the
    surrounding area lists field names and acres. These photos and the
    outline of the farm provide a fail-safe method of identifying and
    locating your operation for purposes of delivery, input application,
    communication to value-added processors, landlords, etc.
  2. Intensive soil sampling locations with identification numbers on
    each field are used to identify where and how many samples were
    pulled on your field. Our intensive soil sampling program is based on
    2.5 acres. Unlike grid testing, we find the best representative area 
    within the 2.5 acres to pull our sample. All samples are sent to
    Midwest Labs and are tested for OM, CEC, pH, P, P2, K, S, and Zn.
  3. Nutrient inventory surfaces are created from soil sample locations
    using the Kriging Interpolation method. Each map vividly shows the
    variability and availability of each nutrient. Each book comes with
    nutrient-specific legends for easy interpretation. Legends are as
    follows: from red (deficient) to green (optimum) to blue (high/excessive)
    colors. Soil test data are classed and interpreted consistently for every
    field and according to Missouri’s agronomic standards.
  4. Soil type maps are included with crop-specific NRCS yield goals* for 
    each soil type in the county. “VERIS", compaction, or other soil
    physical measurements may be included. (*Ask your Precision
    Representative about what’s available.)
  5. A complete cropping nutrient management plan is created for you
    specific field based on your soil test levels, soil type and productivity,
    and cropping practice. Plant food recommendations are given either
    for variable rate application or a more finely tuned whole field for easy
  6.  Best Management Practices (BMP)was developed to give you an
    idea of different management practices that work well on your soil types
    with your specific cropping system.