MFA offers a wide variety of products and services to help you get the most from your land.

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Seed Command
As seed technologies continue to advance and help improve yield, the cost of each seed that goes into the ground is becoming more expensive. Over hundreds or thousands of acres, overplanting takes dollars straight from your bottom line. SeedCommand, with the AutoSwath feature for planters, helps reduce costly overplanting on end rows, point rows, terraces and waterways – saving you money and valuable time. SeedCommand also allows growers to map variety/hybrid locations and record split-planter operations for better record keeping and decision making.


Ag Leader’s OnTrac2 assisted steering system does the work for you by automatically steering your vehicle through the field, allowing you to focus on other tasks such as implement performance or boom control while greatly reducing driver fatigue.




Engineered from the ground up to take advantage of emerging advances in Precision Farming, INTEGRA features a 12.1" HD touch-screen display, allowing you to view on-the-go information in color as you move through the field.


Direct Command
INTEGRA display's DirectCommand gives you complete control of all of your application activities – anhydrous, liquid, and granular – using one display. This application technology can manage variable rate application, multiple product application and control application by individual boom section. The display can be easily switched from your anhydrous rig to your spreader and then your sprayer. This display also records all of your field application activities so you can easily access application reports. All of this is the power you get with INTEGRA display’s DirectCommand system.