Muscle Pig Show Diets

   Muscle Pig Show Diets

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Nutrient Information



Muscle Pig Show Diet

Muscle Pig Show Diet II

Muscle Pig Power Pak









Feeding Information

Muscle Pig Show Diet:  Full feed from 40 pounds to desired body weight.

Muscle Pig Show Diet II:  full feed from 180 pounds to desired body weight, following Muscle Pig Show Diet.

Muscle Pig Power Pak:  Feed ½ pound of Muscle Pig Power Pak as a top-dress with 4.5 pounds of the regular show ration. This product works well with MFA Muscle Pig Show Diet I or II. Feed this top-dress ration for the last 3-4 weeks before marketing. Feed with at least a 16% protein diet or higher, containing 1% lysine.

Muscle Pig diets are designed for maximum performance from your operation’s nursery feeding program. Muscle Pigs grow and gain faster, and convert feed more efficiently, resulting in remarkably larger, leaner pigs leaving the nursery.

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