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THE MFA Mineral Program is a complete program to meet mineral needs year-round. MFA Gold Star Minerals are designed to give optimum performance to all types of animals


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  5% Horse Mineral Great 8 Pasture Mineral
  5% MPG with Altosid and CTC Medicated Hi-Mag Mineral
  All-Purpose 5% Mineral Mag Ade Meal
  Breeder 12 Mineral Ricochet® Mineral
  DDG Completer 0.5 R PMX Sheep Mineral
  DDG Completer 1.0 R Pellet Stocker BT Mineral 
  Deer Mineral Super 10 Mineral 
  Exp Dairy Dry Cow Mineral XI Cattle Mineral 
  Fescue Equalizer Max with CTC+Altosid XI Cattle Mineral w/CTC 2000
  Fescue Equalizer Medicated XI Mag Mineral 
  Goat Mineral  Rumensin 1620 mineral.pdf

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