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   Feeding for High Production

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MFA feeds are designed for high production. In order to achieve this, dairy cattle must get as much dry matter intake as possible. The average herd will only consume 3.1% of their body weight as dry matter consisting of grain and forage.

To have a milking herd that averages 20,000 lbs. of milk per year or greater, dry matter intake must exceed 4% of body weight. Extremely high producing cows that produce in excess of 35,000 lbs. of milk in one year will consume 6% of their body weight.

Getting a herd of cows to consume 4% dry matter is not an easy task. In these cases, it takes high quality feedstuffs of both forage and grain with no marginal ingredients included. Dairy producers must be able to increase dry matter intake without making their cows sick, causing displaced abomasums and, in general, having a couple of cows off-feed or foundered.

Under these conditions, considerable attention must be paid to starch, palatability, quality of protein, bypass protein content and fiber levels of the ration. MFA is feeding some of the top herds in the state, including several cows exceeding 35,000 lbs. of milk.

MFA dairy feeding programs produce milk, efficiently!

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