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MFA manufactured tubs provide a wide selection of protein supplements to meet the varied needs of today's producers. 

         Ultralyx 0.01% IGR Mineral Tub CTI Hi-Plains Fly Control
  Ultralyx 20% AN Protein + Mag Composite Tub Dairy Dry Cow Lick
  Ultralyx 24% Protein + 3% Mag Composite Block Mag Lick 20% Tub
  Ultralyx All-in-One 20% Natural Protein Tub Natural Lick 20% Tub
  Ultralyx UltraPro 20% AN Protein Tub Natural Lick 30% Tub
  Ultralyx UltraPro 20% AN Protein Tub w/Mag  
  Ultralyx UltraPro 24/5 Tub  
  Ultralyx UltraPro 40% Protein Tub   

Ultralyx tubs can be ordered through MFA Home. Contact Brenda Hammond at to order CTI products, or with questions about those orders.

For more information, contact Janice Spears at

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