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Why Feed MFA Cubes?

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There are many reasons producers should feed cubes. Probably the best and most important to a producer's bottom line is the extra protein and energy they provide for cows that need to maintain weight and condition through the “tough times” such as winter and droughts.

Many producers' winter feeding programs consist only of poor quality forage with no protein supplement, hay with some grain, or grain and cheap quality protein cubes with feather meal and other junk fillers. The result? It just usually isn't enough to pull cows through to a successful calving season and problems abound.

Cows will be weak, thin and lack the quality and quantity of colostrum healthy calves need. Without this important first nutrition and antibody protection, expect calves to be small and weak with a high incidence of scours and disease and a high death loss. At $1 per pound on 500-lb. calves, that can cost up to $500 per calf

    Effects of Not Feeding MFA Cubes

Poor nutrition in cows can also result in poor breed back, an extended breeding season, an extended calving season, an uneven calf crop at weaning the following fall, and ultimately, fewer dollars to the bottom line.

    Benefits of Feeding MFA Cubes

MFA cubes are designed to help prevent these problems. They're formulated with the high quality ingredients, protein and energy cows need to maintain weight and condition through the worst of times. They increase the rate of digestion in the rumen and make money. You'll see healthier, heavier cows at calving, more and better quality colostrum and fewer sick, downer cows. Calves will also be healthier, more robust with fewer scours and less disease.

Cubes are also easy to feed. When fed on the ground free-choice, they help remove competition among the herd and save labor.

  • Cattle Breeder 20 Cubes Our top-of-the-line source of all-natural, high quality protein and energy with high levels of vitamins and minerals to help balance nearly adequate forage quality. Feed at 2 lbs per head per day. This product work especially well in winter for improved weight maintenance and breed back. 

  • 20% Super Cattle Cubes – Economical, all-natural, high protein cube.  

  • 16% Range Cubes – Contains all-natural protein with added energy when fed at higher levels.  

  • 12% Super Cattle Cubes – Contains a combination of grain and high levels of roughage to replace up to 10 lbs. of forage per day during droughts.  

  • Blu-Ribbon Range Cubes – An inexpensive, high-fiber, high protein cube with urea.  

  • 40% Cubes – A high protein cube for use where rumen nitrogen is needed, but fermentable carbohydrate is not. Typical cow forage basis would be dormant warm season grass or corn silage.

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