FEED BEEF - Using Rabon Oral Larvicide (ROL)


Using Rabon Oral Larvicide (ROL)

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    What is Rabon?

Rabon® is an oral larvicide that kills horn flies, face flies, house flies and stable flies in the larval stage before they can do any damage.

    How Does It Work?

When fed to beef cattle, swine, horses or dairy animals, including lactating dairy cows, ROL passes through the digestive system and into the animals' manure where it kills maggots on contact after the eggs hatch.

   How is Rabon Fed?

ROL is available in complete feed, premix, block and loose mineral formulations. It's highly palatable so animals treat themselves.

Start feeding ROL in the spring before flies appear and continue into the fall until cold weather restricts fly activity. There's no need to administer boluses to each individual animal.

    Is It Safe?

ROL's low toxicity to plants and animals makes it extremely safe to use. It can be fed up to slaughter with no withdrawal and no residue problems. There's no need to withhold milk from market during or after treatment.

Manure from treated animals may be used immediately as fertilizer with no adverse environmental effects.

    What Does It Cost?

ROL is cost-competitive when compared to other feed through products. Since animals treat themselves, time and labor are saved. ROL effectively stops flies that can slow weight gains and cut milk production.

    If Rabon Is Used, Is the Use of Other Fly Control Products Really Necessary?

For control of adult flies that may migrate from surrounding livestock operations, the use of ear tags, dust bags, backrubbers or sprays, as well as good fly control management, is recommended.

    Which MFA Products Contain Rabon?


  • MFA Gold Star 5% MPG Mineral with Rabon and Granular Aureomycin 
  • MFA Gold Star Fescue Equalizer with Rabon
  • MFA Fly Control Block with Rabon



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