FEED BEEF - Estrus Synchronization Program for Heifers

   Estrus Synchronization Program for Heifers

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1.)   Develop the heifers to approximately 65% of their mature weight.

2.)   Determine date you want to begin breeding.

3.)   Count back 34 days from the start of breeding.

4.)   Begin feeding MFA Estrus Control Ration at 2 lbs. per head per day. This will provide .5 mg MGA/hd/day. Feed Estrus Control Ration for 14 days.

5.)   Withdraw the MGA. Heifers may cycle in 2-3 days, but do not breed. Fertility is low with this heat.

6.)   Nineteen days after stopping the MGA feeding (Day 33), inject the heifers with 5cc of Lutalyse. Note: In the past, the recommendation was to give Lutalyse on Day 31; however, research has shown that giving Lutalyse on Day 33 will result in a higher degree of synchrony.

7.)   Observe the heifers for signs of heat and AI 12 hours after they are seen in standing heat.

8.)   If bulls are used instead of AI, you can eliminate the Lutalyse injection and turn the bulls in with the heifers 17 days after stopping the MGA feeding. (Day 31)

9.)   The recommendation is one bull per 15-20 synchronized females. Age, body condition and results of a breeding soundness exam of the bull must be considered.

10.)   In order to get the best results with this program, provide plenty of bunk space and have the heifers accustomed to eating grain prior to starting the MGA feeding. It is critical that every heifer consume her quantity of MGA every day.

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