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    Beef Cubes

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MFA Cubes are a top-of-the-line source of all-natural, high quality protein and energy with high levels of vitamins and minerals.


     14% Bucket Rattler Cube 40% Cube  RicochetTM Breeder Cubes 
  16% Range Cube Blu-Ribbon 20-6 Cubes RicochetTM Cattle Cubes
  20% Super Cattle Cube Cattle Breeder 20 Cubes  
  20% All Natural Cube Forage Extender Cubes   

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Ricochet is Here

RicochetTM is here.

A new feed delivers healthy calves by focusing on the immune system of the cow. This feed increases calf survival and benefits the early growth of the calf.

"The bottom line is that when we take care of the cow, she’ll take good care of her calf—and you," – Dr Jim White, MFA Incorporated's ruminant nutritionist.

Read the Today's Farmer magazine article by Dr. White about MFA's new feed HERE.

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