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   Complete Beef Feeds


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Complete feeds provide a diet with all the nutrients required for the life cycle of the livestock, not including pasture/forage/hay. MFA recommends the addition of feeding some sort of long stem value product in addition to the complete feed.

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14% Stock Grower BT-36 Pellet


Cattle Charge R-36 Shield Pellet

Beef Creep BT-36 Pellets


Blu-Ribbon Sweet Feed

Estrus Control Ration

Cadence 50C BT Pellet

Full Throttle CS700 Pellet

Cadence R Shield Pellet

Rancher's Pride Bull Developer Textured

Cattle Charge with CS-700

Ring Leader Show Ration with Flakes

Cattle Charge BT

Stock Guard BT-36 Pellet

Cattle Charge BT-CTC Pellet

Trendsetter Developer Ration 

Cattle Charge R-36 Pellet (Medicated)

Trendsetter Developer R-54 Shield Pellet


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