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MFA Cruisin' Pellet (Medicated)


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•  Controlled consumption complete feed for developing heifers and cows

•  Produces healthy, functional heifers

•  Provides the energy and protein levels necessary for required Average Daily Gain

•  Targets consumption levels ½% to 1% of body weight per head per day

•  Fortified with vitamins and chelated minerals

•  A self-fed limiter that balances the deficiencies in protein energy, vitamin, mineral and rumen fermentation/function to increase rate of passage on poorer quality hay

•  Works on “turn out cows,” gestating cows, developing heifers, backgrounding cattle, fall calving cows under lactation and trying to rebreed

•  Assists poorer quality forage situations to meet the animals needs and aid in production development

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MFA Beef Feeds

Profitable beef performance

The success of our farmer/owners is absolutely critical to MFA. To that end, we've developed a full range of feed products to meet the needs of producers in our trade territory.

Supplementing cows

Proper supplementation helps fill in nutritional gaps when forage is short or when forage quality is less than required to meet cows' needs.

Creep feeding

MFA Feeds deliver extra pounds and less stress at weaning, plus improved cow reproductive performance.


MFA's Cattle Charge reduces the stress of weaning. It provides the nutritional fortification to keep calves healthy and gaining.


MFA offers hand-fed and convenient limited-intake options to achieve targeted gain and optimum forage utilization after weaning.


MFA Feeds, as supplements to grain, safely provide maximum gains and carcass performance.

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