Legends® CarbControl™ Horse Feed

A pelleted feed for growing, breeding, lactating and mature horses

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Organic Trace Minerals


Improved hoof, hair coat, reproductive and immune system function

Biotin and Kelp Meal


Greater hoof and hair growth and quality

Probiotic Bacteria and Yeast Culture


Increased fiber digestion and nutrient absorption for improved weight maintenance under stressful conditions

Mycotoxin Binder


Increased safety margin from mold-infested hay and pasture

Digestible Fiber Sources (Soy Hull and Beet Pulp based)


Fermentable fiber sources to maintain high-calorie content and low soluble carbohydrate level to prevent insulin resistance, colic and laminitis

Low Potassium Level


Recommended for horses with HYPP along with a reduced hay diet 

No Corn, Molasses, Oats, Barley or Alfalfa 


Free of ingredients most commonly associated with feed allergy problems

Digestive Enzymes


Increased digestion in small intestine to prevent digestive upset in hindgut from starch overload 

Omega-3 Fatty Acid Sources (fish oil, flax seed, rice bran and soy oil)


Reduces inflammatory processes for improvements in hair coat, joint function, circulation, reproduction and immune system operation

Guaranteed Amino Acid Fortification (lysine, threonine and methionine) 


Improved protein quality for optimal growth and muscle development

Fixed Formula and Low Soluble Carbohydrate Content (starch and sugar)


Provides for calm behavior, less risk of colic and laminitis, and recommended for horses with Laminitis, Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, Metabolic Syndrome, Cushing’s Disease and Tying Up Diseases (PSSM and EPSM)

Guaranteed Antioxidants (organic selenium, vitamin E and vitamin C)


Elevated antioxidant activity for optimal immune system support 




Guaranteed Analysis 


Crude Protein (min)





Lysine (min)




150 ppm

Threonine (min)



Manganese (min)

20 ppm

Methionine (min)



Copper (min)

 50 ppm

Crude Fat (min)



Selenium (min)

0.60 ppm

Crude Fiber (max)



Biotin (min)

0.50 mg/lb

Calcium (min)



Vitamin A (min)

6000 IU/lb

Calcium (min)



Vitamin D (min)

400 IU/lb

Phosphorus (min)



Vitamin E (min)

150 IU/lb

Potassium (min)



Vitamin C (min)

45 mg/lb

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