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MFA Easykeeper 11% Horse Feed

MFA Easykeeper Edge Horse Feed

MFA Easykeeper 14% Performance Ration

MFA Easykeeper Golden Years

MFA Easykeeper 32% Supplement

MFA Easykeeper Strut-N-Shine

MFA Blu-Ribbon Sweet Horse Feed


The right choice isn't necessarily the cheapest—or the most expensive horse feed available. It's a good-tasting, easily digestible, quality ration that's designed to give your horse the best possible nutrition. That's why your choice should be MFA Easykeeper Horse Feeds. They're designed to build and maintain strong, healthy bodies, and to give your horse the energy and stamina needed for top performance.

Nutritionally complete
Prevents problems associated with physitis and rapid bone growth, and lets you avoid costly oversupplementation.

Easily digestible
Get the finish you want with less feed and cut your total feed bill.

Rich molasses flavor
Your horse will love the taste.

Dependable performance
MFA's nutrition and veterinary staff are ready to answer your questions and they're backed by years of field research on our products. You'll feel good knowing you've given your horse a quality feed that consistently performs time after time and at a price that is easy on your wallet.

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