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        The Right Choice for Horse Feed and Health

The right choice goes beyond the best feed for your horse. The right choice involves a horse health program that keeps your horse free from disease and parasites. That's why your choice should be MFA. We have a full line of horse health products to keep your animal in top condition, able to enjoy the full benefits of our quality feeding programs.

The horse industry continues to grow. While your local Veterinarian/Equine Practitioner is your best source of information and individual horse health care, MFA wants to supplement that local relationship. To do that, our dealers carry a broad range of over the counter (OTC) products for your horse(s), including grooming, tack, penning, feeding, parasite control, vaccine, and medication products.

If your local MFA dealer doesn't have what you need, tell them what you're looking for and, except for Veterinary Only items, they should be able to get it for you at a competitive price.

If you have specific questions or concerns, email Janice Spears at

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