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MFA Corn Plot Results

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2014 MorCorn Plots

 Bolivar, MO  Hepler, KS (Harris)
 Boonville, MO  Hepler, KS (Norris)
 Bronaugh, MO  Parsons, KS (Mies)
 Carytown, MO  Salisbury, MO (Friesz)
 Chelsea, OK Silage  Sedalia, MO (Callis)
 El Dorado Springs, MO  Weir, KS (Albers)
 Higginsville, MO  Weir, KS (Herr)
 Hepler, KS (Callaway)  

2013 MorCorn Plots

MFA MorCorn Show Plots  2013
 MorCorn Plot Summary


 Albany, MO   Laddonia, MO
 Bolivar, MO Silage 1  LaPlata, MO
 Bolivar, MO Silage 2  Lexington, MO
 Boonville, MO (Gerling)  Macon, MO
 Boonville, MO (Wolfe)  Maryville, MO
 Burlington Jct, MO  Mexico, MO
 Cash, AR - MidSouth  Milan, MO
 Centralia, MO  Pattonsburg, MO (Leaper)
 Chamois, MO  Pattonsburg, MO (Mason)
 Columbia, MO  Perryville, MO
 Coin, IA  Rich Hill, MO - Plot 1
 Corydon, IA  Rich Hill, MO - Plot 2
 Emma, MO  Rock Port, MO
 Fairfax, MO  Salisbury, MO (Ingarten)
 Grant City, MO  Salisbury, MO (Scheiderer)
 Guilford, MO  Salisbury, MO (Wikley)
 Hannibal, MO  Shelbina, MO
 Hepler, KS  Sheridan, MO
 Jackson, MO  St. Joseph, MO (T& T)
 Kahoka, MO  St. Joseph, MO (Hawk)
 Kirksville, MO (Tague)  St. Joseph, MO (Spenser)
 Kirksville, MO (Kelsie)  Tipton, MO
 LaBelle, MO  Truman, AR - MidSouth
   Vandalia, MO
   Washington, MO

   2012 MorCorn Plots 

 MorCorn Plot Yield Summary Report 
 Albany, MO
 Boonville/Blackwater, MO
 Boonville, MO
 Burlington Jct, MO
 Canton, MO
 Carytown, MO
 Centralia, MO
 Chamois, MO
 Chilhowee, MO
 Clinton, MO
 Emma, MO
 Gallatin, MO
 Guilford, MO
 Harrisonville, MO 
 Hepler, KS
 Higginsville, MO
 Humeston, IA
 Jackson, MO
 Kirksville, MO
 LaBelle, MO
 Laddonia, MO
 Lexington, MO
 Macon, MO
 Memphis, MO
 Perryville, MO
 Salisbury, MO
 Salisbury, MO
 Shelbina, MO
 Tipton, MO
 Trenton, MO
 Weir, KS


  2011 Corn Summary Reports   

MFA Plot Published AS of November 15, 2011 
 MorCorn MFA Corn Plot Summary 
 Dekalb MFA Corn Plot Summary
 NK Seed MFA Corn Plot Summary

 2011 Corn Plot Data
Albany, MO  Emma-Concordia, MO  Lineville, MO  Salisbury, MO 
Burlington Jct., MO  Guilford, MO  Macon, MO  Shelbina, MO 
Centralia, MO  Jackson, MO  Martinsburg, MO  Vandalia, MO 
Chamois, MO  LaBelle, MO  Mexico, MO  Weir, KS 
Columbia, MO  Laddonia, MO  Moran, KS   
Elsberry, MO  Lexington, MO  Perryville, MO   

    2010 Corn Plot Data


2010 MFA Corn Plots      2010 MFA Seed Corn Summary   
Burlington Jct. MO Lexington MO     MFA MorCorn Summary 
Carytown MO  Mexico MO      MFA/Monsanto Corn Summary 
Centralia MO  Moran KS      MFA/NK Seed Corn Summary 
Chamois MO  Nevada MO       
Columbia MO  Perryville MO       
Elsberry MO  Rock Port MO       
Guilford MO  Salisbury MO       
Harrisonville MO  Weir KS       
Jackson MO         


Historical Corn Plot Data Reports

2009 Reports
2008 Reports
2007 Reports
2006 Reports

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