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Weaning Calves, Best for you, Best for the Industry By Mike John, Director of Health Track Operations
When I first started working with MFA and Health Track 14 years ago, it was common to read about the uncertainty of weaning and pre-conditioning practices on the ranch.  Back then the cost of gain for that process was pretty close to the value of the added weight.  Man, have times changed!  
Moving horses to young pastures by Dr. Jim White
At the first sight of green grass, especially after a long winter; all sorts of thoughts run through one's mind: "no more feed bills!, will it rain in August? Is it OK for horses to get MFA Hi-Mag mineral or MFA MAG-ADE? (yes it is OK), when can I turn the horses out?, hopefully as soon as possible."

As tempting as it might be to contemplate the wonderfulness of turning horses out on grass- a bit of caution and restraint is warranted. Spring grazing should be introduced slowly. If the grazing is deferred until the pasture is 6-8 inches in height- the outcomes for both the horse and pasture are improved.
Beef Innovators
The MFA PowerCalf program is a whole herd approach to raising healthy, high-quality calves that perform well in the feedyard and are profitable on the rail. 
Notice of District Meetings of MFA Incorporated
District Meetings of MFA incorporated will be held within the districts from March 9, 2015 through March 13, 2015, for the purpose of electing directors in certain districts, reporting on fiscal year operations and conducting other business as may properly be considered by the delegates. 
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