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The handwriting is on the wall
After months of internal deliberations, MFA Incorporated’s management has decided to transition away from ammonium nitrate at company-owned MFA Agri Services Centers.
MFA Annual Report
The MFA Annual Report was published in MFA's member magazine Today's Farmer magazine. Here is a letter from the Chairman of the board and President/CEO.
MFA History Essay Contest

MFA History Essay Contest for FFA

With some good detective work, FFA members have a chance at winning the MFA History Essay Contest.

Click to learn more about MFA's first History Essay Contest.....

Mid-State Seed Inc. and MFA Incorporated join forces to form Mid-States Seeds LLC
Mid-State Seed Inc. and MFA Incorporated have invested in a new partnership. The two companies have teamed up to form Mid-State Seeds, LLC which will do business under the familiar name of Mid-State Seed.
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