MFA Incorporated has a 14-member board of directors composed of farmer/members. The cooperative is managed by a professional management team of corporate officers.

    Board of Directors


District 1
Barry Kagay
Amity, Mo.

District 2
Tom Dent
Humeston, Ia.

District 3
John Moffitt (Vice Chairman)
Kirksville, Mo.

District 4
Carlton Spencer
Faucett, Mo.

District 5
Don Schlesselman
Concordia, Mo.

District 6
Kendall Kircher
New Franklin, Mo.

District 7
Jimmie Reading
Curryville, Mo.

District 8
David Callis
Sedalia, Mo.

District 9
Harry Thompson
Lohman, Mo.

District 10
Tim Engemann
Hermann, Mo.

District 11
Don Mills (Chairman)
El Dorado Springs, Mo.

District 12
Glen Cope
Aurora, Mo.

District 13
Wayne Nichols
Pomona, Mo.

District 14
Doyle Oehl
Jackson, Mo.


    MFA Incorporated Officers


President and CEO
Bill Streeter 

Senior Vice President/Corporate Operations
J. Brian Griffith

Vice President/Agri Services
Craig Childs

Executive Assistant/Assistant Secretary
Larna Lavelle

General Counsel
John Ruth

Senior Vice President/Corporate and Member Services/Corporate Secretary
Janice Schuerman

Vice President/Feed Operations/Animal Health
Dr. Alan Wessler

Vice President/Plant Foods/Transportation
Bill Coen

Vice President/Crop Protection/Seed/Farm Supply
Don Houston

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Ernie Verslues

John Akridge


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