Ray Young*, MFA Oil Company and MFA Incorporated

Inducted 2004


Visionary leadership, loyalty, art for friendship, and dedication to farmer-members


Ray Young began his career with the Missouri Farmers Association in 1933 as an accountant for the Producers Produce Company in Springfield, MO. In 1935 he was traveling auditor for MFA, and in 1938 became an employee of MFA Oil Company where he served as assistant manager for one year and as general manager and president for 42 years. Young spent the last 13 years of his career until his retirement in 1981 as executive vice-president of MFA Incorporated as well as CEO of MFA Oil.

Young was an effective spokesperson for farmers and a talented communicator. He was a great storyteller with a keen sense of humor and an infectious laugh. Young built the foundation and the management team that allowed MFA Oil to develop into its present form. His prudent management was a key ingredient to the steady growth of both MFA Oil and MFA Incorporated.


*Posthumous Award

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