Aaron Bachtel, MFA Incorporated

Inducted 2011


Courageous leader; Founder of first Farm Club; dedicated advocate of farm cooperatives


A short article written by William Hirth in The Missouri Farmer about farm clubs caught Aaron Bachtel's attention. Bachtel later remarked, "It looked so simple and at the same time so far reaching, that it appealed to me very forcibly." A prominent farmer, Bachtel rallied his neighbors near Brunswick in 1914 to unite in the purchase of farm supplies and inputs. The group met in Newcomers Schoolhouse. Shortly thereafter, the seven farmers placed the first cooperative order for 1,150 pounds of baler twine. Other orders followed, as did savings. By the 1920s, more than 400 MFA farm clubs were formed.

From that initial meeting sprouted an organization that grew into the largest commerical enterprise in the state in the course of just a few decades. Recognized as one of the founders of MFA Incorporated, Bachtel served as president of MFA's first farm club, became the first farmer to sign MFA's producer contract and gave 20 years of distinguished service on MFA's Corporate Board of Directors. He died in 1943.

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