Agmo Board of Directors & Staff 


Ernie Verslues

John Akridge

Brian Griffith

Craig Childs

Jerome Gerke

Mike Watring




Mary Poland 

General Manager

Jennifer Robinson

Loan Officer  

Derek Harmon

Loan Officer





Agmo Corporation is a finance company, organized by MFA on February 18, 1965 and is owned by MFA Incorporated and Local Affiliates. Agmo was formed to provide longer credit terms to customers of MFA locations for purchases made through their retail outlets.  

Shareholders of Agmo Corporation elect a Board of Directors annually. Officers and the Executive Committee are elected by the Board of Directors.

Agmo's money comes from CoBank through MFA Incorporated. The interest rate charged on Agmo loans is a fixed rate based on credit quality. Special programs and credit life premiums may affect the rate charged.

Most locations have a 30-day credit policy, but when longer credit terms are needed, an Agmo application is completed and submitted for approval. These application are then processed, which includes a credit check and financial analysis. Agmo is a method by which a location can offer longer credit terms customized to its customers' needs without having to use its own working capital.

Agmo is always open to new ideas on opportunities for financing farmers' needs through products sold by MFA.

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